GSM American Hunter 50lb Hanging Feeder Realtree AP Camo, AH-H50ERT

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American Hunter 50lb Hanging Feeder AH-H50ERT presents a great way of bringing deer out from hiding. Having an American Hunter Deer Feeder for observation or hunting is an effective way of attracting deer to your property. Baiting deer for hunting, wildlife observation or photography with the 50lb Hanging Feeder AH-H50ERT by American Hunter will draw deer before you in no time. This hanging deer feeder provides easy relocation and convenient placement for uneven terrains. The adjustable 1-30 second feed rate will help regulate feeding times for deer. The American Hunter 50lb Hanging Deer Feeder also includes a high torque motor and uses photocell technology, which allows feeding at daylight and again up to 12 hours later.