Avet Lever Drag Conv. Reel Blue 5.3:1, SX5.3B

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The Avet SX Reels are a workhorse 10-25 lb casting/trolling reel. Weighing approximately 14oz., with a spool slightly wider than a golf ball, the SX is a compact yet suprisingly strong game reel. With a cast control system that virtually eliminates backlashes, 9 lb. of drag at strike, while at the same time, providing flawless freespool. Add the corrosion resistant components and the extremely durable AveBrake drag system and you have one of the very best light tackle lever drag reels ever made.SX 5.3:1 Single Speed is a small, lightweight, yet strong reel capable of fishing heavier lines than most reels of its size. live bait reel. This product cannot be shipped to New Jersey or New York.