Banks Outdoors Feed Bank Gravity Feeder 40 lb. Capacity, 40#BANKS

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Banks Outdoors Feed Bank 40 Gravity Feeder keeps deer plump full all year long! Implementing a feeding program has never been easier! This Banks Outdoors Feed Bank 40 Gravity Feeder is great for managing and improving the size and health of whitetails on your hunting land. The UV-stabilized polyethylene feeding container makes it maintenance free... and with no mechanical parts, it'll never break down in harsh weather. Designed with a single post that allows deer to feed easily and won't damage antler growth. Simple to set up, too. Simply mount it to a tree, fence post, T-post, or 4 x 4 post. Features: Made from UV stabilized polyethylene for durability; 40-lb. feed container capacity; 2 feed ports for easy feeding; Adjustable feed ports allow you to control the flow of food; Easily mounts on a tree, fence post, T-post or a 4 x 4 post; Single-post design won't interfere with or damage antler growth; Large, watertight door makes filling easy and keeps food fresh. Order Today! Banks Outdoors Feed Bank 40 Gravity Feeder