BSA Optics 650nM Red Rifle Laser w/160 Lumen FlashLight 1-inch Mount, TWLLRCP

BSA Optics
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The TW Series LED Light and Red Aiming Laser from BSA Optics is a versatile scope-mounted aiming and light system. The mounting bracket clamps to the barrel of 1" diameter scopes. There is a removable sleeve that allows it to be mounted on 30mm diameter scopes. A 650nm red aiming laser is mounted next to a 140 lumen output LED flashlight. The dot will help you quickly and easily mark your target, while the flashlight illuminates your target in low or no light. This system features windage and elevation range adjustments of +/-5 MOA. Two individual remote pressure pad switches allow for easy momentary activation without removing your hands from the weapon. This aiming and illumination system comes ready to mount in clamshell packaging