Case Knives Fold. Pen Knife Clip Chrome Vanadium Blades Ylw Delrin Handle, 00109

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The Yellow CV series has been part of the Case family for over 80 years. This model, the Pen Knife, has the distinctive Chrome Vanadium blade which is a special formula of alloyed cutlery steel known for its ease of re-sharpening. A quick touch-up will bring back a chrome vanadium blades original sharp edge. Since 1889, every Case Knife is made with pride in the United States. This knife, along with every other Case knife, is hand crafted by the most skilled artisans and cutlers in the business. Each knife takes over 160 manufacturing processes to complete. The Tested XX is a symbol of Cases commitment to quality which can be traced back to the early days of Case when blades were tempered and tested not just once (X), but twice (XX). Case knives are cherished possessions passed down through generations and hand crafted to stand the test of time.