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Spears and Gaffs

AFTCO Flying Gaff Handle Gold, FG6GLD

$145.99 $129.72

A machined aluminum gimbal at the butt end of the shaft securely holds the attachment rope and with the plastic insert in the tip, prevents water from seeping into the shaft. Will float. 6' shafts with 1 3/8" butt diameters. Anodized rich gold finish to...

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AFTCO Gaff Hook 5'x4", GFA465GLD


The shafts are corrosion-resistant marine aluminum. Swaged to build extra thickness into the walls where outside diameters are small, but formed correspondingly thinner where the outside diameters are larger.

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Eagle Claw Fishing Spear Head AFISH5


Eagle Claw Fish Spear (AFISH5) All metal fish spear with 5 barbed prongs. Comes pre-drilled to accept a stick or poleScrew and nut included. Specifications: - 1 Fish Spear - Tines: 5 - Color: Black - Brand: Eagle Claw - Part Number: AFISH5 - Skill Level:...

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