Gerber Myth Shotgun Multi-Tool Tan With Lanyard, 31-002141

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Having the right tool handy makes every job easier. Thats why Gerber, in collaboration with veteran wing and feather hunters, designed the Myth Shotgun Multi-Tool. This pocket-size tool is just the thing for turkey season, and its equally useful for smaller game birds and waterfowl. Its a clean, compact unit with six essential components that provide the most frequently used shotgun-specific tools, including a choke tube wrench and pin punch, as well as more utilitarian items like a small pruning saw and fine edge knife blade. Gerber did its homework on this tool. Rather than packing it full of features you dont need, it made sure that the tools included do their jobs well. The choke wrench, designed to work with all common choke tube sizes, deploys at 90 degrees to the handle, so you have the leverage required to actually loosen and change a choke. All components lock in place during use to enhance both safety and overall effectiveness-try sawing with a blade that doesnt lock or, harder yet, using a pin punch thats not fixed in position. Gerber kept this tool simple yet effective. Theres no more guessing at the beard and spur length when youve got your Myth Shotgun tool handy. One of the six components is a 12-inch retractable ruler that will solve the great debate and, hopefully, prove that youve got one to challenge for the record. Showing Gerbers field experience, the tool includes an 18-inch bird lanyard that turns it into a T-handle for carrying your birds down the trail and back to your truck. Like any reliable tool, this unit is built to last. Its stout, stainless steel handle includes an integrated rubber inlay for added grip control and cold-weather convenience. All components feature a matte black titanium nitride PVD coating for increased corrosion resistance.