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Hunting Accessories

Cablz Eyewear Retainer Clear/ Stainless, ZipzC


Designed to be worn extended at regular length or adjusted for a closer fit to the back of the head. Adjustable. Snag proof when "zipped". Perfect under helmets. Great for running, kayaking and other active sports. The only retainer to use for straight...

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Cancooker Inc CC-001 3X Cancooker Original

$99.39 $83.47

1-piece design made from 1060 FDA grade aluminum. Double anodized inside and out so aluminum never touches your food. Riveted heavy duty handles. Premium high temperature silicone gasket. Safety clamps hold lid in place. Vented lid - for pressure...

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Code Blue Buck Gel 2 oz. OA1027


By using the meticulous accuracy of advanced "DNA" technology, Code Blue has created the perfect blend of nature and science to simulate the natural scent of a dominant whitetail buck. Now you can take "territorial infringement" to the extreme with a...

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Code Blue Coon Urine Cover Scent 2 oz. OA1106


Code Blue raccoon scent is an ideal cover scent for deer hunting. More than likely, any wooded area where you hunt for deer is overrun with raccoons. Because they're so common, raccoons' scent doesn't give deer the feeling that anything is out of the...

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Code Blue EliminX Laundry Ball OA1205


The EliminX Laundry Ball emits negative ions weakening the adherence of soil on fabrics so that dirt can be easily removed without the use of detergent. With a pH level of approximately 10, the natural ceramics contained within the ball are equivalent to...

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Code Blue Face Camo Black, OA1234

$20.99 $16.32

The deep black color blends naturally with shadows, branches and leaves to provide you with the cover-up that is needed to succeed in the field. This smudge-proof face paint goes on smooth and delivers the glare-free appearance that many hunters lack...

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Code Blue Fox Urine Cover Scent 2 oz. OA1105


Cover scents can be used year-round to disguise human odor and make deer feel at ease. However, not all cover scents are best for deer hunting. The scent of a skunk makes deer feel anxious because skunks release their scent when frightened. Unlike skunk...

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Code Blue Hot Pod Scent Warmer OA1179


Heat up the Hunting Accessories action with Hot PodTM, Code Blue's newest heated scent warmer. Hot Pod is powered by convenient and easy-to-use hand warmers* that provide reliable heat when you need it the most. Just add your favorite scent to the...

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