Wildgame Innovations Cloak 8MP IR Game Camera Trubark HD Texture, K8I20W

Wildgame Innovations
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A high-quality digital scouting camera with all the top features is a must for serious hunters. There's a common dominator among deer hunters who consistently take big bucks. They use trail cameras to inventory, track and pattern a particular deer. For hunters who learn to utilize trail cameras effectively, there is no technology or hunting technique that comes close to the effectiveness of game cameras in helping them score on big bucks. Wildgame Innovations K8, eight megapixel trail camera incorporates the top features a modern trail camera should have, features like a rapid 1-second trigger speed, still and video capabilities and a 60-foot range flash. The Infrared Flash makes this camera less detectable to trespassers, cutting down on the possibility of theft. The K8 also features Wildgame Innovations' trademarked FlexTime+ Time Lapse Technology, and the ability for Wild Angle 16:9 aspect ratio.