Wildgame Innovations M14i1-7 Mirage 14 Trail Camera, Black, M14I1-7

Wildgame Innovations
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The leader in trail camera innovation introduces the mirage 14 IR trail camera. The easy to use mirage 14 can take up to a 32GB SD card and is powered by 8 AA batteries. The mirage features a super quiet shutter and less than a 1/2 second trigger speed. This stealthy little camera is capable of daytime/nighttime still photos and 720 video. The mirage comes with an easy to use adjustable strap and features a security locking system with Python cable capability (cable not included). when put through the test the mirage 14 boasted an 80ft illumination and detection range. Put this camera out in September and watch it run all season with the same set of batteries. Scout smarter.Scout longer with the mirage.