Winchester Win1911 Ammunition .45 ACP Full Metal Jacket 230 Grain 50 Rnds, X45T

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The sleek lines and balanced feel of the 1911, combined with the knockdown power of its .45-caliber chambering, make it a favorite among shooters. Winchester offers the Win1911 line of ammunition for shooters in need of a training round for the range, as well as a personal protection round that will hit at the same point of impact. The high-accuracy, ballistically matched full metal jacket an jacketed hollow point offerings make this an ideal ammunition choice. It marks the first time in the 1911's 100-plus year history that an ammunition company has focused on both the firearm make and the caliber to create a defensive round that carries the shooter ballistically from range to personal defense.


  • Caliber :45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
  • Bullet Type :Full Metal Jacket
  • Bullet Weight :230 GR
  • Rounds Per Box :50
  • Boxes Per Case :10
  • Application :Target/Range Practice
  • Casing Material :Nickel-Plated