Benelli Nova Pump Shotgun 20Ga 20041

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Just when everyone thought that the pump action shotgun couldn�t be improved, Benelli unveiled the Nova Pump. Completely original and innovative, the Nova Pump incorporates its polymer stock and lightweight receiver INTO a_fix a single unit for unsurpassed strength and weather resistance. Italian styling and high-tech ergonomics, such as distinctive grooves on the pistol grip and fore-end in place of conventional checkering, complement the Nova�s innovative engineering. With dual-action bars and rotary head locking lugs, the Nova will handle anything from target loads to 3�" magnums. To help dampen the recoil of today�s super-heavy magnum loads, the Nova 12-gauge is specially designed to accept a Benelli recoil reducer. Available in black, Advantage� Max-4 HD�, Timber HD� and new Realtree� APG HD� finishes, and as a youth model or slug gun combo set, the Benelli Nova is the most versatile pump-action shotgun ever made � and just when everyone thought the pump gun couldn�t be improved.