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The Levergun Today

Jan 17th 2018

Is There A Place In The Modern World? Let’s hit the ground running on this. I pose the question, and I’ll give you the answer: yes, there most distinctly is a place in today’s modern world for the lever-action rifle. I grew up in a time and place where the levergun was king. It rode in a saddle scabbard, it rode in the pickup, it ruled the deer camp, and in the form of the ubiquitous Winchester Model 92 it also rode the range in the hands of silver screen cowboys, good and bad, for severa
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Bow Sizing Guide

Jan 2nd 2018

Getting a good bow can make or break your hunting or target shooting experience. Almost as important as the type of bow, is the size, draw weight, and draw length of the bow. You want to make sure that the bow you are getting is the right one for you, because if you don't you'll either not be able to pull the string back far enough to shoot, or you'll not be able to pull the string at all, and the bow will be useless.Size The size of the actual bow limbs, no strings attached, can be an i
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