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Sig Sauer

P238 Spartan Micro-Compact


 THE P238 Spartan is all stainless steel in oil-rubbed bronze PVD finish. The slide is engraved with the Greek phrase "MOLON LABE" ("Come and take them") while the custom...

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Sig Sauer 226R40BCA 226 40 CS


The Sig Sauer P226 set the standard by which all other combat handguns are measured. Designed as Sig's entrant in the military trials to replace the 1911, today the P226 is in use by the U.S. Navy...

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Sig Sauer 226R40BSSCA 226 40 SLITE


Sights: Siglite •SA/DA Short Reset Trigger (SRT) •10#(DA) & 4.4#(SA) trigger pull •Black Nitron slide •Black hard coat anodized aluminum alloy frame •Black screwless E2 (Enhanced Ergonomics) polymer...

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