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Wildgame Innovations

Wildgame 00061 Pig Likkor 32oz

$25.99 $22.09

A liquid attractant that can be used to trap hogs or used as a bait for hunting purposes. It's so irresistible, hogs will roll in it and make a huge wallow. Can be used with soured corn or just...

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Wildgame Acorn Rage Juiced, 00006

$24.87 $24.69

Finally Acorn Rage is in a pourable liquid form. Acorn Rage Juiced is a liquid gel formulation that is easy to use and can last for weeks. Formulated from the original Acorn Rage, this juiced up...

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Wildgame Apple Crush Juiced, 00328

$25.04 $24.69

Juicy, Gooing, Jammin; Deer Attractant With A Real Apple Taste! Acts like a time released version of the always popular Apple CRUSH. Pour over logs, stumps or directly on the ground for a powerful...

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Wildgame Sugarbeet Crush 5#, 00076

$25.82 $25.69

Real crushed sugar beets blended with fresh heat processed beans to create an ultra concentrated attractant Deer go wild over real Sugar Beets and even more so after Wildgame Innovations crushes 'em...

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