Browning T-Bolt Composite Sporter Bolt Action Rifle .22LR 10Rd, 025179202

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The original Browning T-bolt was one of the most accurate and easy-to-shoot rimfire rifles ever produced. And Browning fans have been clamoring for its return since it was discontinued in 1974. Now, you can relive the past with this T-bolt Composite Sporter Bolt Action .22LR Rifle. Its straight-pull bolt cycles fast and locks up tight to the barrel offering a topnotch combination of speed and accuracy. In fact, the T-bolt design is among the fastest for raw bolt action speed and is nearly as fast as a semi-automatic! Plus, it comes equipped with a free-floating sporter barrel and weather-resistant composite stock. The Browning T-bolt Composite Sporter Rifle is everything you loved about the original, with new modern technologies that put it a step above the competition. - See more at: