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Avian-X Full Body Mallard Decoys 6Pk 8061


The Avian-X Full Body Mallard Decoys will swing the hunt in your favor. Featuring 4 drakes (1 low head, 1 stretch feeder and 2 feeders) and 2 hens (1 high head and 1 stretch feeder) this extremely durable and realistic set of decoys will allow you to bag...

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Avian-X Top Flight Gadwall Decoys 8085


Avian-X presents their newest series of true custom style painted gadwall decoys. Gadwalls can be some of the South's wariest ducks. Come late season these birds will circle your spread many times and a lot of times gain altitude with every pass. Take...

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Avian-X Topflight Wigeon 6Pk 8084

$79.99 $65.42

Avian-X presents their newest series of true, custom-style painted Wigeon decoys. Avian-X Topflight Wigeon project the color, attitude and posture of a real flock of Wigeon on the water. We spent countless hours watching these birds in their natural...

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Lucky Duck Flapper Specklebelly Decoy, 10315-9


The Lucky Duck Goose Flapper creates a lifelike wing flapping motion that's certain to bring in early season resident geese and even those tough late season honkers and specks. Stay hidden and keep the attention away from your blinds, the Goose Flapper...

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Mojo HW2110 Decoys Mallard Hen w/ remote

$199.99 $156.38

The MOJO Mallard has been THE Premium motion decoy on the market since it revolutionized duck hunting. At that time the additional flash of the aluminum wings was a killer however they tend to be noisy, so, new for 2010 we have redesigned this product...

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Mojo HW2300 VooDoo Dove Decoy

$49.99 $39.99

The MOJO Dove has been one of the great success stories in all of hunting having revolutionized the way we hunt doves. MOJO has redesigned this decoy in the ALL NEW MOJO VOODOO DOVE (Puts the MAGIC on them). Redesigned with a larger, more realistic body...

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