CMMG AR-15 Quebec-A Semi Auto Carbine .22 LR 16 Barrel 25Rds Black 5 Position Stock M4 Flat Top Black 22A7C3D

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CMMG's Evolution Quebec-A Dedicated .22 LR rimfire AR rifle has same look, feel, and parts as your normal AR-15. The rifle utilizes the same forged aluminum receivers as the Mil-Spec and LE line of rifles as well as sharing the furniture, fire control groups and small parts. The rifle has the following standard features. Mil-spec .250 diameter take-down pins. Mil-spec fire control group with .154 diameter Pins. Live round extraction. Each barrel is individually magnetic particle tested. Barrels are engraved CMMG WASP .22LR 1/16. Each firearm is test fired before shipping. Compatible with most AR15 accessories and upgrades.