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Game Calls

Primos 729 Power Buck And Doe Deer Call

$17.99 $16.23

Take along an aid on your next deer hunt when you use the Primus 729 Power Buck And Doe Deer Grunt Call. You can bleat and grunt using just one call when you use this device as a realistic sound effect. The Primos deer call lets you simply exhale and...

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Primos 751 Little BIG Roar Call

$19.99 $17.87

This call reproduces aggressive grunts that you will most commonly hear during the peak rut. It's small in size but big in sound with the hardwood barrel and resonating end made from soft rubber.

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Primos 912 Innovative Hunting Bull Horn Call

$34.99 $24.12

The Bull Horn is easy, accurate, and super compact. Together the patented Support Shelf mouthpiece and expandable hose of the Bull Horn enable you to reproduce accurate bugles and cow calls with variable tones. The hose is also designed to expand from 7"...

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Primos 942 Baby Hoochie Elk Call

$24.99 $21.45

Why Calf Calls?... A calf's call is easy to distinguish from a cow's. Cows and calves call back and forth to each other throughout the year. Bulls and cows will often come to a calf's call to round them up and bring them back into the herd. A calf's call...

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Cass Creek 065 Ergo Call Original Crow, CC 065


MacDaddy - An atractor call lures with mournful pleadings. Crow Distress - An urgent call for help draws individuals and flocks. Crow/Owl Fight - A flock of agitated crows battles an owl. Crow Frenzy - The pandemonium of large flock calling. Hawk Attack...

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Flextone Tramp Stamp w/Slate, FG-TURK-00026


This call has the natural "pure turkey" sound that will bring him the final fifty yards. The Super Magnum Hickory Striker is perfectly balanced so the call will break over just right every time and it is heavy enough to have all the volume you will ever...

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