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Arrows and Bolts

Arrows and Bolts

Burt Coyote Lumenok 2219F Bolt End, 26028

$11.99 $8.69

The Lumenok is a lighted uni-nock and adds only 22 grains of weight. It will work with any aluminum arrow that uses the Super Uni bushing and carbon arrows. When shot from your bow it comes on and s stays on until you turn it off.

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Easton HP #2 Arrow Inserts 12 Pack 915790


Easton HP #2 Arrow Inserts use extended design for more shaft contact, improved point/broadhead alignment, and easier tuning for tighter groups. Fits ?H? series 6mm Easton reduced-diameter carbon arrows and provide the highest level of point-to-shaft...

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Easton HP4 Arrow Inserts 12 Pack 496326

$8.49 $8.09

The Easton HP Inserts are more precise and accurate than conventional carbon arrow inserts. Their extended design provides more contact for improved point-to-shaft alignment, which allows for easier broadhead tuning and alignment. Patent-pending insert...

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