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Arrows and Bolts

Burt Coyote Luminok SL Illuminated Pink Nok For .245" SL1P

In-Store Price: $10.99
$17.99 $10.99 incl. shipping

The Lumenok Signature green allows archers to follow the path of their arrow, and is activated by the shot. This model Lumenok provides up to 40 Hours of Illumination and can be seen from great distances. There are no magnets required for activation, and...

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CAMX Accuspine Arrows Wrapped Carbon 4Pk 85000006

In-Store Price: $59.99
$84.99 $65.99 incl. shipping

Accuspine Arrows wrapped carbon arrows have been engineered to provide optimum balance of speed, accuracy, durability, penetration, ballistic coefficient, and continued crossbow life. This arrow will serve the hunter well in harvesting all but the...

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Carbon Express Hot Pursuit 20" Crossbolt 3PK, 52206

In-Store Price: $19.99
$27.99 incl. shipping

Built for spine consistency and improved accuracy. Made from a rugged carbon composite for durability and increased knock-down power. Length: 20", Weight: 442 gr. (with 100 gr. Point). Fletched with 2" vanes. Includes moon nocks and inserts.Black Built...

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Carbon Express Inserts #4 12Pk W3003

In-Store Price: $7.49
$16.99 $10.99 incl. shipping

Aluminum point insert for Carbon Express standard diameter arrow shafts.#4 Carbon Express Inserts12/packShaft size laser printedDesigned especially for synthetic fiber bowstrings

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Carbon Express Lazer Eye Lighted Nock Green, W3424

In-Store Price: $9.99
$19.99 $10.99 incl. shipping

The Carbon Express Lazer Eye is activated upon release of the arrow. After recovery of the arrow, the Lazer Eye is simple to turn off by pulling the nock from the arrow of the shaft approximately 1/16". The Lazer Eye is engineered and durably constructed...

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Carbon Express Maxima Jr Arrows 28in 2in Vanes 3pk 52029

In-Store Price: $24.99
$32.99 incl. shipping

The Maxima Jr is designed for hunting with up to 50 pound draw weight. It delivers high-performance with low poundage bows shooting field points and broadheads.Arrows come fletched with high performance NRG vanes and Launchpad precision nocks (vane and...

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