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Bohning 901007 Bohning Mudcat Reel

$27.75 $26.59

Easy-to-use bowfishing reel. Line drag reduction system. Rubber retainers store arrow when not in use. Line clip allows easy retention on spool. 50' of 80 lb. braided nylon line and mounting hardware included.

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Cajun Bowfishing Tape On Reel & Line, ABF4005


Tape on reel & line: Everything we make is built to make the most of it. When you're out, deep into what's right and natural, we're right there with you. Pick up your Cajun products, head for the water, and know you're about to have the best, most...

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Muzzy Classic Fish Arrow with Carp Point, 1020-C

$13.99 $7.69

A quality bowfishing arrow setup for soft-fleshed fish from the archery professionals at Muzzy. The Classic Arrow with carp point pairs Muzzy's premium grade solid fiberglass Classic Arrow with a quick release 1018 Trocar tipped Carp Point. Arrow comes...

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