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Game Calls & Decoys

Game Calls & Decoys

Primos Dirty B Injured Gobbler Turkey Decoy, 69025

In-Store Price: $119.99
$89.99 $23.92 incl. shipping

Jay Gregory modified the Primos Killer B decoy to imitate a wounded Gobbler. The result is a whole new twist on decoying in Gobblers! With just the pull of a handle, the Dirty B becomes a flopping inujred Tom that drives Gobblers CRAZY!Developed from...

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Foxpro 49K Pup Handheld Predator Mouth Call, 4K9 PUP

In-Store Price: $14.99
$14.99 $11.71 incl. shipping

FoxPro is the leader in game calls. Whether you are looking for digital calls or hand calls FoxPro has you covered. This particular hand call features an open reed slighter thinner than the 4K9 design. This call does allow you to create a variety of...

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Foxpro Kryptek Highlander Predator Call, FUSION KHL

Online Only
$499.99 $340.20 incl. shipping

Foxpro FUSION KHL Fusion Kryptek Highlander Foxpro's Fusion comes with 100 high quality sounds and can store and access up to 1000 sounds. It features dual amplified speakers to deliver incredible volume. The front horn speaker handles your coyote...

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Avian X Turkey Decoy Stake Replacement 8022

In-Store Price: $6.99
$22.99 incl. shipping

The Replacement Turkey Decoy Stake will work with all Avian-X turkey decoy's. The 24 inch stake assures the decoy you are using sits higher, increasing the decoy's visibility. The two piece design makes it easy to carry and set up, while also being very...

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Avian-X Full Body Mallard Decoys 6Pk 8061

Online Only
$174.99 incl. shipping

The Avian-X Full Body Mallard Decoys will swing the hunt in your favor. Featuring 4 drakes (1 low head, 1 stretch feeder and 2 feeders) and 2 hens (1 high head and 1 stretch feeder) this extremely durable and realistic set of decoys will allow you to bag...

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Avian-X Fusion Honker Pack Decoys 9006

Online Only
$209.99 incl. shipping

The Avian-X AXP Honker Fusion Pack combines the most popular body styles in one box. Carefully selected positions will offer a perfect blend of feeders, walkers, and sentry to project a true flock of feeding geese. All decoys come complete with over...

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Avian-X Top Flight Gadwall Decoys 8085

Online Only
$79.99 incl. shipping

Avian-X presents their newest series of true custom style painted gadwall decoys. Gadwalls can be some of the South's wariest ducks. Come late season these birds will circle your spread many times and a lot of times gain altitude with every pass. Take...

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Avian-X Topflight Wigeon 6Pk 8084

In-Store Price: $89.99
$82.28 incl. shipping

Avian-X presents their newest series of true, custom-style painted Wigeon decoys. Avian-X Topflight Wigeon project the color, attitude and posture of a real flock of Wigeon on the water. We spent countless hours watching these birds in their natural...

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Avian-X Trophy Tom Turkey Decoy AVX8021

In-Store Price: $79.99
$98.99 incl. shipping

Turn your gobbler into a taxidermy-style showpiece with the new Trophy Tom by Avian-X. This easy to mount. one-piece design features detailed carving and true-to-life paint for realism you tom deserves. Easily attach a dried tail fan and beard, and your...

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Flambeau Frost Bite Duck Call Single Reed SF130GR

In-Store Price: $29.99
$29.99 $24.27 incl. shipping

SF130GR Frost Bite Single Reed Duck Call was designed for that higher pitched tone on those frosty mornings, for the guy who prefers the ease of a single reed or the guy who likes his calls to cut the air. From hunting corn stubble fields or open water,...

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Flambeau Long Honker Goose Flute MAX4 BR189

In-Store Price: $38.99
$38.99 $31.54 incl. shipping

The Long Honker has been a favorite of goose hunter for a few decades! Whither you are a beginner or a pro, this is a awesome call. It produces that deep deep honk, cluck, moan, or mummer of a old canada goose. This polycarb version produces a little...

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Flambeau MAD Mid-Range Cotton Predator Call MD-181

In-Store Price: $18.99
$18.99 $11.76 incl. shipping

MAD Predator Calls were designed by Champion Caller and hunter Tad Brown, these unique calls feature rubber horns that blast explosive high-pitched rodent screams or realistic squeaks. Sounds can be manipulated by distorting the horn during your blow...

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Flambeau MAD Pip Squeak Coaxer, MD-180

In-Store Price: $13.99
$22.99 $14.51 incl. shipping

Requires little air pressure.Designed for close in calling.High pitched squeaks.Durable and weatherproof.Requires little air pressure. Designed for close in calling. High pitched squeaks. Durable and weatherproof. Hand tuned in the U.S.A!

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Flambeau MAD Smoky Baby Gray Phase Hen Decoy MD-720

In-Store Price: $54.99
$54.99 $38.23 incl. shipping

MAD Smoky Baby Gray Phase Hen Decoy by Flambeau Outdoors. The MAD Smokey Baby Upright Hen is one of the most unique turkey decoys to ever hi t the market place. The visibility and realism is unmatched by any other turkey decoy on the market. The decoy is...

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Flambeau Predator Fawn Decoy, 5987FN

In-Store Price: $44.99
$51.10 incl. shipping

This highly effective, soft Foam Fawn is durable and compresses for easy transport.Highly effective predator decoySoft, durable foam bodyWind generated movementCompresses for easy transport

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