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Game Calls & Decoys

Game Calls & Decoys

Avian X Turkey Decoy Stake Replacement 8022

$22.99 $10.76

The Replacement Turkey Decoy Stake will work with all Avian-X turkey decoy's. The 24 inch stake assures the decoy you are using sits higher, increasing the decoy's visibility. The two piece design makes it easy to carry and set up, while also being very...

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Avian-X LCD Laydown Hen Turkey Decoy, 8011

$79.99 $65.45

Avian-X Turkey decoys are designed for the ultimate in turkey attraction, while still being hunter friendly. The design in every pose is not just your average look-a-like. From the detailed feather lines and feather positions, to the correct, relaxed...

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Cass Creek 034 Ergo Call Boar, CC 034

$42.92 $33.67

Feeding Frenzy - Excited grunts and squeals as hogs greedily compete to feed. Contented Feeding - Sounds of feeding hogs at newly located food source which draws others to join. Social Grunts - Individual hogs communicate greetings within the herd...

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Cass Creek 058 Ergo Call Predator II, CC 058

$44.05 $29.38

Woodpecker Wail - Shrill and piercing repetitive wail. Raccoon Pups - Young coon cries of distress. Kitten Distress - Helpless feline call of vulnerability. Gray Fox Pup - Call of immature fox signals territory infringement. Rodent Squeal - Sharp series...

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Cass Creek 065 Ergo Call Original Crow, CC 065

$49.99 $27.74

MacDaddy - An atractor call lures with mournful pleadings. Crow Distress - An urgent call for help draws individuals and flocks. Crow/Owl Fight - A flock of agitated crows battles an owl. Crow Frenzy - The pandemonium of large flock calling. Hawk Attack...

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Cass Creek 983 Ergo Call Original Deer, CC 983

$42.92 $27.10

* Buck Grunt - the communication and mating call of a buck trailing a doe. Snort/Wheeze - Highly aggressive call made by a dominant buck just prior to fighting another buck. Tending Grunt - A low volume vocalization made by an eager buck prior to mating...

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Flambeau Long Honker Goose Flute MAX4 BR189

$38.99 $31.51

The Long Honker has been a favorite of goose hunter for a few decades! Whither you are a beginner or a pro, this is a awesome call. It produces that deep deep honk, cluck, moan, or mummer of a old canada goose. This polycarb version produces a little...

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