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Hunting Decoys

Hunting Decoys

Flambeau Masters Doe Fully Flocked Decoy, 5966MD

$339.99 $213.46

The Masters Series Doe breaks down easily for transport and is flocked to give a fur-like texture, adding even more realism!Limbs, head and ears break down quickly and can be stored inside the body cavity for easy transportSecure plug provided for the...

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Avian X Turkey Decoy Stake Replacement 8022


The Replacement Turkey Decoy Stake will work with all Avian-X turkey decoy's. The 24 inch stake assures the decoy you are using sits higher, increasing the decoy's visibility. The two piece design makes it easy to carry and set up, while also being very...

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Avian-X Trophy Tom Turkey Decoy AVX8021


Turn your gobbler into a taxidermy-style showpiece with the new Trophy Tom by Avian-X. This easy to mount. one-piece design features detailed carving and true-to-life paint for realism you tom deserves. Easily attach a dried tail fan and beard, and your...

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Hard Core 12 Slot Duck Decoy Bag, 02-200-0001

$73.99 $72.72

Both the 6 and 12 slotted bags offer the protection against decoy rubbing and are a great option for transporting. Best to remove flocked heads. Bags feature mesh bottoms that allow water to drain and air to circulate. Hook and loop handles closure...

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Lucky Duck Crippled Critter, 20015-5

$48.99 $48.61

The decoy moves erratically and then drops out of sight for a second and then reappears with its erratic motion. This movement entices predators curiosity and draws them in close. The decoy features a quick attach adapter for easy storage and a ground...

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Lucky Duck Flapper Canada Goose Decoy, 21-10014-1

$197.99 $197.15

Motorize flapping wing goose decoy with magnetic wings made of foam construction. Flocked head for added realism.Continuous or intermittent mode - 3 seconds on, 10 seconds off.Decoy head is approximately 36" off the ground-wing span of 43".Includes Metal...

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Lucky Duck Lil' Critter, 21-20113-8


Simple, portable, effective.Lil' Critter offers an erratic decoy motion to entice all predators.Decoy adjusts in height from 10" to 18" off the ground.The decoy base rests on any terrain.Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included).

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Lucky Duck Screamin Joker, 21-23412-9

$148.49 $136.04

15 sounds-including custom Verminator sounds."Here Kitty Kitty" custom hunt by Verminator (over 16 minutes).Variable speed with erratic, intermittent movement.Remote controls sound, volume & movement independently.Remote Range over 300' and clear quality...

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Lucky Duck Yote Coyote 3-D Decoy, 50507-6


Life-sized, lightweight coyote decoy. Works great with any of our predator calls. Give the coyote a sense of "ease" seeing another coyote when in to a call. Single stake allows for easy and quick set up. Decoy will rotate on a stake with the wind and...

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MOJO HW9004 Clip on Dove Decoys


Realistic, hard body molded plastic decoys that, unlike others on the market, are fitted with MOJO’s patented breast peg mounting system that also comes with a clothes pin adaptor allowing the mounting on just about any support, including limbs,...

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Mojo Multi-Cycle Remote Control, HW2011

$66.27 $52.95

2481-0007: The remote control on/off operator by HuntWise utilizes the extremely rugged and dependably proven keyless entry concept. The remote will turn decoys on or off at a range of up to 350 feet. The unit is especially designed to operate between 3...

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Mojo Outdoors Pigeon Decoy, HW2410

$89.99 $58.93

Pigeons are attracted to SWD s similar to, or more than doves and ducks. The Mojo Pigeon is a realistic simulation of a landing Wood Pigeon that features a realistic body with the standard Mojo Mounting Peg and direct drive motor with magnetically...

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Mojo UB 645 Std Battery, HW1013


2481-0009: Rechargable battery. Premium 6-volt lead-acid rechargeable battery. 4.5 ah. Approximately 2 3/4 x 1 13/16 x 3 7/8. Works on all 6-volt MOJO motorized decoys except for the turkey. 2481-0010: Battery charger. 6-volt, 500 ma charger for use with...

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Mojo VooDoo Motorized Dove Decoy HW2300

$49.99 $41.69

The MOJO Dove has been one of the great success stories in all of hunting having revolutionized the way we hunt doves. MOJO has redesigned this decoy in the ALL NEW MOJO VOODOO DOVE (Puts the MAGIC on them). Redesigned with a larger, more realistic body...

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Primos 69067 Primos Chicken On A Stick Decoy


Strutting Jake posture drives gobblers crazy. Perfect for decoying in stubborn field turkeys. Specially designed 2-piece stake with integrated gun rest and action camera mount. Lightweight, collapible design for easy carry. No decoy assortment...

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Primos Magnum Roar, 769


Loudest most accurate sounding Buck Roar ever. When proto-typing and testing this call Will Primos was able to call in the largest buck he has ever taken in his home state. Extremely freeze proof. Grunt/Roar and Challenge Wheeze.PRIMOS769010135007690

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Primos Power Owl, 331

$23.99 $21.34

New and improved reed design allows for super loud locating. Improved design keeps reeds from sticking due to over blowing. New design allows for automatic back pressure.PRIMOS331010135003319

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