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Hunting Comfort Accessories

Hunting Comfort Accessories

Fleece Cargo Pocket Muff 7006265-988


Keeping hands warm while hunting has always been a challenge with traditional hand wear, encumbering the wearer and making the intricate tactile movements required at a moment's notice a near impossibility. Seeing a need for quality, practical hand wear,...

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HeatMax HF1 6 Hour Foot Warm-Ups


The air-activated Foot Warm-Up is specially designed to work in low oxygen environments like hunting boots or shoes. They are ideal for those who will be sitting still and not generating much body heat. Features: Non-adhesive to provide flexible warmth...

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Heat Factory Foot Warmer 3Pk 3 Pack , 19483

$20.99 $16.99

Mini Size Warmers last up to 8 hours and are packaged as pairs. Large warmers: Last up to 24 hours each and are packaged as single units. 3110 packed 30 each. Glove size: Last up to 12 hours each and are packaged as single units. Foot warmers: Pop a pair...

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