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Concealment & Camouflage

Concealment & Camouflage

Hs Make-Up Kit Camo 3-Color Blister Pk, 00260

$14.99 $10.69

The pocket size case has a handy built-in mirror and each contains 3 camouflage make-up colors that remove easily with Camo-Off or soap and water but won't dry or crack or come off with rain or perspiration. Woodland includes: leaf green, flat black and...

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Ol' Tom Mesh Half Mask Xtra Green OT180XTG


The lightweight Ol' Tom Performance Half Mask is made with soft, comfortable four-way stretch fabric to create a half mask that is actually comfortable and won't bind or slip like most. The top edge of the mask has elastic for a secure fit, while the...

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Primos Ninja Cotton Full Hood 85529

$11.99 $10.99

The ultimate mask for both comfort and concealment, our cotton masks feature form-fitted eye, nose, and mouth opening, as well as an elastic band to hold the mask in place without slipping. Glasses can be worn over or under the masks with no loss of...

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Primos Stretch-Fit 1/2 Face Mask 856229


Our stretch-fit masks are great for warm-weather hunts. They fit like a second layer of skin and will not get in the way of drawing or anchoring your bow. For masks that totally conceal your face and neck while keeping you comfortable during warm...

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