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Scents and Eliminators

Scents and Eliminators

Trophy Blend Vapor Trail Wind Detection Powder, 1026

In-Store Price: $4.99
$10.99 $3.91 incl. shipping

The Vapour Trail Wind detector is composed of high quality ultra-fine powder. The wind detector powder is so fine that is takes on a liquid appearance inside the bottle. Upon shaking the bottle, this formula expands and contracts, creating a smoky...

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Buck Bomb Ambush 6.65 Oz, MM-BB-AM-01

In-Store Price: $8.99
$27.57 incl. shipping

All season deer attractant made from 100 percent deer urine. Perfect for attracting bucks and does as well as covering up human odor. Features a can that is 33 percent larger than other Buck Bomb products.Buck BombMM-BB-AM-01180903000052

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Conquest Scent Sticks"Rutting Boar" 2.5 oz Stick, 1247

In-Store Price: $14.99
$21.99 $15.97 incl. shipping

The big hunt you have been planning is upon you... are you ready? If you have ConQuest Scent Sticks products you will be. ConQuest Scent Sticks makes some of the most effective and reliable scent cover ups, scent attractants, dispensers, meat sticks, and...

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ConQuest VS-1 Estrus Deer Scent Stick 2.5 oz, 1202

In-Store Price: $49.99
$49.99 $40.53 incl. shipping

ConQuest Scents has a unique collection process which collects not only the urine, but the vaginal secretions of the whitetail doe in estrus, making VS-1 the most powerful estrus attractant on the market. The liquid version can be used on either a scent...

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