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Knives Sharpeners and Accessories

Knives Sharpeners and Accessories

12 Survivors Sharp & Spark TS76001


A unique tool for any outdoor adventure or survival situation, this compact, two-in-one device provides the components needed to sharpen your blade and start a fire. The 12 Survivors Sharp & Spark is equipped with four sharpening methods to quickly...

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Forschner 6" Sheath Brown Leather, 30215

$24.99 $22.61

This flexible fillet knife is made of high carbon stainless steel; well balanced and comfortable. The flexibility of the blade allows for filleting of fish with minimum waste. The leather sheath features a belt loop to wear when fishing and has a built...

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Schrade Titanium Pry Tool Knife Set, SCTPT2

$49.99 $33.26

This handy tool incorporates 17 different functions. Works on 6 sizes of SAE and 5 sizes of metric nuts/bolts. Has a flat-tip screw-driver, a strap/cord cutter, a scraper and pry-bar, a nail puller and can/bottle opener. Taylor Brands SCTPT2 ...

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Smith's Diamond Bench Stone Fine, DBSF

$38.00 $36.87

Each Diamond Bench Stone features multiple layers of micron-sized diamonds, that are bonded in nickel to a flat metal surface. Also features unique, oval-shaped holes in its surface, to allow for the discharge of fine metal filings that ordinarily build...

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Smith's Diamond Steel 10" knife sharpener, 3001

$37.99 $36.48

Features diamond coated oval sharpening steel rod, soft grip rubber handle, hang-up ring and protective plastic sharpening tip. Smith's diamond sharpening steel features a unique sharpening surface with an over lapping oval hole design, which is coated...

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Smith's Tri-Hone W/Plastic Stand, TRI-6

$38.37 $37.17

Set includes: Three stones mounted on rotating molded plastic triangle. Molded plastic base with nonskid rubber feet. 4 oz. premium honing oil. Sharpening angle guide. Sharpening instructions. Medium Arkansas, Fine Arkansas & Coarse Synthetic, 6" x 1...

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