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Climbing Sticks

Climbing Sticks

Big Dog 20′ Climbing Ladder BDML-200

In-Store Price: $69.99
$89.99 incl. shipping

This 20' ladder style climbing stick features extended tree braces and 8" ladder rung spacing. The 5 sections secure to each other with loop button straps.Attributes 20 ft Feature 1 Extended tree braces Feature 2 8" ladder rung spacing Feature 3 Sections...

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X-Stands "The Gator" 20′ Climbing Stick XSCS215

In-Store Price: $119.99
$182.99 incl. shipping

The Gator is a 25′ climbing stick like no other! We took the life saving technology of our Jaw Safety System and added it to a climbing stick. Climb to your stand with confidence know your stick is safe and secure before you leave the ground...

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X-Stands The 25′ Climbing Stick XSCS206

In-Store Price: $79.99
$139.99 incl. shipping

THE 25′ STICK uses footsteps that angle away from the tree giving the user much more room for their whole boot without the tree getting in the way. The “sure grip” footsteps have serrated edges with cut outs that will let mud, ice, or debris fall through...

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