In-Store Pickup

Save money on shipping with In-Store Pickup

During the checkout process, you may select our free in-store pickup options which save you money on shipping. Please be aware of our in-store pickup policies:

Photo ID & Order Required.
  • Only customers showing a valid photo ID will be allowed to pickup items.
  • Only customers with a copy of their order receipt will be allowed to pickup items.
  • In-Store Pickup Firearms still require the purchaser to fill out all necessary 4473 paperwork as well as pass a required background check.
  • Alternate pickup persons may be designated within the order comments during the checkout, but that alternate pickup person must have a copy of the order and a valid photo id.
Wait for Email Confirmation.
  • In-Store pickups will be available for pickup only when an email notification of your "shipped" item is ready for pickup.
  • In-Store Pickups are generally not available for same-day pickup. For possible same-day arrangements, please call ahead of your order to coordinate same-day pickup. We will be happy to facilitate this if at all possible.
  • Our warehouse is located at the Coshocton Retail Location.

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