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Schrade Tough Tool Multi-Tool, ST11

$44.99 $28.05

Taylor Brands, LLC - Manufacturing, designing, and distributing high-quality stainless steel cutting tools and accessories since our inception. Taylor Brands owns and produces Schrade, Old Timer, Uncle Henry, and Imperial branded products, and are also...

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12 Survivors Multi-tool TS72001B


The 12 Survivors Multi-Tool combines versatility and strength, providing a solution to any project. Its versatility allows you the convenience of having all the basic tools you need in one compact and lightweight, handheld unit. The all aluminum frame...

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12 Survivors Pocket Harvester TS72002B


The 12 Survivors Pocket Harvester is a Zebra Wood grip, stainless steel multi-tool that includes five gadgets, perfect for the naturalist within. The 12 Survivors Pocket Harvester equips users with endless options ranging from cultivation and harvesting,...

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