Nikon Premier 8x42 Binocular 7535

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Nikon Premier 8x42 Binocular is one of the most highly acclaimed binoculars in the world. Engineered by those who know that hunting equipment is expected to see hard use, for those who realize that hunting may mean searching for game for hours, but who demand to be able to judge an animal in the fading light. When you want the absolute best performance for any hunting conditions, the 42mm Premier Binoculars from Nikon, in either 8x or 10x power ( Nikon Premier 10 x 42 Binocular 7536 ), could be called the ultimate choice. From the moment you pick them up, you recognize that there's a story behind the Nikon binoculars. The big dog on the block in waterproof / fogproof optical performance, it is second to none in light gathering, ergonomics and durability. This binocular by Nikon features phase-correction, so it enhances resolution for excellent detail. Also Nikon binocular has quick, central focus knob for fast subject acquisition.