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Camping Survival & First Aid

Camping Survival & First Aid

Frogg Togg's DriDucks Emergency Poncho Green, FTPE1-09

In-Store Price: $4.99
$11.90 incl. shipping

Keep dry with the new DriDucks Emergency Poncho from Frogg Togg's is perfect to keep in your car or your backpack. It's constructed from an ultra light waterproof, breathable, recyclable, non woven polypropylene material free of PVC. The patented...

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Grabber Toe Heater With Adhesive Per Each, TWES 320X

In-Store Price: $1.99
$5.03 incl. shipping

The Grabber Warmer has an adhesive backing. This allows the Grabber Toe Heaters to stay exactly where you put them. Simply stick the Toe Heater to the outside of your sock, slip your foot into your boot or shoe and enjoy five long hours of nice, warm...

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Mace MSI Combo Alarm Pink 80474

In-Store Price: $19.99
$19.99 incl. shipping

Mace 80474 Combo Pack Includes: Mace Brand KeyGuard Pepper Spray Hard Case in Pink & Mace Brand Personal Alarm Keychain in PinkHard Case: 11 Gram Net Weight OC Pepper UV Dye Stream Spray Pattern Up to 10 Bursts Up to 10 FT Range

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NDUR Storm Matches, 21220

In-Store Price: $3.99
$9.99 $5.12 incl. shipping

NDuR STORM Matches are windproof and waterproof and will burn even when wet! They are the very best NATO approved matches available. Designed to light in all extreme types of weather, they can withstand immersion in water and cannot be extinguished by...

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Stansport 15 Piece Survival Kit, 625

In-Store Price: $15.99
$22.99 $12.57 incl. shipping

The ultimate take-along kit for outdoor survival. The heavy gauge vinyl, self sealing Velcro top, waterproof utility pouch with carrying cord contains the following essentials: Waterproof matchbox, Waterproof matches, Fishing line, hooks and sinkers,...

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