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Battery Clips & Underwater Lights

Battery Clips & Underwater Lights

12 Survivors SolarFlare 11 Solar Panel TS28001


The 12 Survivors SolarFlare 11 delivers 10.6 watts of power in a lightweight, ultra-compact 10.1-in. x 13-in. tablet. SolarFlare 11s monocrystalline cell material absorbs sunlight, creating your own self-reliant 2.1-Amp dual USB power source. Hanging...

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12 Survivors SolarFlare 5 Solar Panel TS28000


The 12 Survivors SolarFlare 5 delivers 5.3 watts of power in a lightweight, ultra-compact 6.4-in. x 11.2-in. tablet. SolarFlare 5s monocrystalline cell material absorbs sunlight, creating your own self-reliant 1-Amp USB power source. Hanging hooks and...

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American Hunter Solar Charger, BL-660-S

$26.99 $16.48

For the 25 years, American Hunter has been dedicated to the production and sale of the best and most innovative game feeder systems on the market. We provide products for any wildlife enthusiast and/or landowner who is interested in the overall...

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Coghlans 110/120V Electric Air Pump, 0809

$33.64 $27.19

The 4.8 V Ni-mh rechargeable battery. Comes with both 110/12V DC charger and 3 valve adapters. Cordless. 1120-0030: Plugs into any DC outlet to fill small to medium inflatables Comes with a 10' power cord with 3 valve adapters. check description.

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Firefield Volt 9 Million Volt Stun Gun FF24001

$19.97 $18.94

The Firefield Surge Stun Gun stops crime in its tracks with a healthy dose of 9 million volts. This highly effective crime stopping tool boasts a compact, lightweight design for easy concealment, built-in ultra-bright flashlight and long-lasting...

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These Walkers batteries are compatible with all In-the-Canal (ITC) and Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing image enhancement devices. This high and stable voltage level ensures long running times in high power and digital hearing devices. These hearing aid...

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WGI 6VBX1 6V Rechargeable Battery


Wildgame Innovations 6V Rechargeable Battery, For use with the WGI-TH-UBC WGI6VB, With true enhanced performance, Latest technical innovations, Stay up-to-date with the latest technology on the market, Ensures you have the latest options with today's...

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