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Outdoor Hiking

Outdoor Hiking

12 Survivors GeoPath Hiking Staff TS77001


The 12 Survivors GeoPath Hiking Staff is a modern take on the traditional walking stick. Its rugged construction and sleek, practical design appeals to both the avid outdoorsman hiking a treacherous trail, or the everyday walker looking for added support...

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12 Survivors GeoTrek Trekking Poles TS77000


For outdoor hiking excursions in regions with challenging terrain, 12 Survivors GeoTrek Trekking Poles are essential for added stability and covering ground more quickly. For both climbing and descending, these light weight, durable trekking poles...

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Gorilla Gear 24" Blade Machete, 77015


On a hunt and need to cut through brush fast? The Gorilla Gear Machete has you covered with a 24" blade, a comfortable handle and the cutting power you'd expect! Also comes with a black sheath to carry when not in use.

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Hothands Large Hardwarmers, HH1


Heat Factory Large Warmers generate heat for up to 20+ hours. All Heat Factory warmers are non-toxic, safe, and odorless. Large Warmers can be used in pockets, stadium cushions, sleeping bags, and many other Heat Factory accessories.Heat Duration: up tp...

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KONG USA Duck Ascender 88800DB00KK

$69.95 $56.67

Kongo's Duck is a micro-sized ascender developed for emergencies on mountaineering missions. If the topo doesn't recommend an ascender, or you're planning to free the entire climb, then the Duck will be a better option than larger ascenders just in case...

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