Rocky 600546 Men's Silenthunter 1/4 Zip Lightweight Camo Pull Over Shirt

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Rocky created this SilentHunter men's long-sleeve shirt with soft suede fabric. It's lightweight, so even if you choose to layer it underneath your other hunting gear or everyday attire, you're comfortable. Also, because it contains micro-denier fibers that control moisture, your skin stays dry underneath this men's apparel. This long-sleeve shirt is available in several camouflage patterns, allowing you to match this performance shirt with the rest of your hunting gear. This men's shirt has been treated with Rocky SIQ� Atomic; it's a powerful scent control that prevents your body from emitting unpleasant odors, helps to control perspiration and keeps the upper half of your body dry and comfortable. Having a scent blocker built directly into your camo gear significantly helps to conceal your presence outdoors. When you're wearing this Rocky SilentHunter Long-Sleeve Performance Shirt, you're comfortable and aren't concerned about the wildlife picking up on your scent. What could be better than that?