Rocky 602435 Women's Camouflage Silenthunter 1/4 Zip Up Pullover Shirt

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A great aspect of wearing this particular women's shirt is that it has been constructed with Rocky SIQ AtomicTM. If you're not familiar with what this is... SIQ is a treatment that is used on Rocky hunting garments and footwear to diminish the scent released by humans. By having this in in your Rocky SilentHunter shirt, you will be able to focus on the hunt, rather than worrying if your prey can detect your scent. The shirt is lightweight and has been made with a four-way stretch fabric, which allows you to twist, bend, or hunker down and the fabric will move with your body. Anyone who goes hunting knows that it isn't effective to wear clothing that releases a sound every time you move. The micro-denier fibers that makeup the Rocky SilentHunter suede fabric, allows you to have total silence while you are in the woods.