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Shooting, Firearms & Ammunition

Shooting, Firearms & Ammunition

ATN 4-16x BinoXS-HD Digital Binocular DGBNBNHDX2

$513.99 $480.99

ATN's 4-16x BinoXS-HD Digital Binocular is packed with a suite of features that will make this your go-to optic when you're out on the trail. Two digital zoom modes provide 4-16x or 4-40x magnifications, and gyroscopic image stabilization keeps the image...

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CCI Copper-22 .22LR Ammo 50Rd HP 925CC

$17.99 $14.99

CCI's brand new revolutionary .22 LR ammunition made for target shooting and small game hunting. It features a non-lead, California-legal bullet contructed of new Copper-22. This .22 ammo is constructed from a unique mix of copper particles and polymer...

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DNZ Products Browning Abolt 3 High Black AB3L1H

$50.99 $40.99

Browning A Bolt 3: Base screws are 8-40 X 1/4" long and ring screws are 6-40 X 5/8" long. Base screws use a 9/64 Allen wrench and ring screws use a 7/64" Allen wrench. Long action - Outside to outside of rings is 4.61". Rings are .63" wide. 4 Hole to...

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Estate Cartridge 12Ga 2.75" #8 Lead GTL12TN 8

$12.99 $5.99

Estate cartridge's dove loads combine quality components and modern technology into a traditional hunting load to provide consistent, proven results. Each shell features clean burning powder, uniform primers, specially designed wads for uniform shot and...

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Federal 22LR HV 40Gr HP Hunter Match, 720

$12.99 $6.99

Serious small game and varmint hunters demand more than standard performance from their rimfire loads. Hunter Match 22 Long Rifle raises the bar, providing true long-range accuracy and terminal performance. The hollow-point lead bullet has been tuned for...

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Hatsan 250XT TAC-BOSS CO2 Pistol, H-TB250TX

$99.99 $53.99

The Hatsan 250XT CO2 Pistol features offers many features at a great price. Its metal frame construction offers a realistic weight and feel similar to rimfire and centerfire handguns. The fiber optic front sight is ideal for quick, accurate shooting. The...

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Hornady Projectiles .264/6.5mm Caliber 26176

$43.99 $35.99

Hornady ELD Match reloading projectiles are primarily designed to function as Extremely Low Drag Match bullets. The ELD Match series features a best in class ballistic coefficients, along with heat shield tips, and AMP jackets. The heat shield tips for...

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Hornady Rifle Bullet .30Cal 30506

$43.99 $27.74

All manufacturers conventional polymer tips in high BC bullets melt in flight. Hornady engineers discovered that conventional bullet tip materials in streamlined, high BC bullets melt and deform. Although not a significant issue affecting moderate BC...

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Mako Metro RDS Pro Trudot 1.8 MOA MEPRO-RDS-PRO

$727.99 $517.99

The Mepro RDS PRO is an energy-efficient, compact sight, that provides thousands of operating hours while utilizing a single "AA" lithium battery. With battle-proven LED technology and a rugged MIL-STD design, performs under the harshest environmental...

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Nosler 17260 22Cal Bullet Varmageddon 40Gr

$54.99 $49.57

Nosler's Varmageddon bullets are made with a lead-alloy core and feature a copper-alloy jacket designed to withstand high velocities yet expand immediately upon impact. The ultra-thin jacket mouth assures violent expansion at either end of the velocity...

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