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Shooting, Firearms & Ammunition

Shooting, Firearms & Ammunition

AirForce Adaptive Rear Target Sight, AFU1057

$262.99 $179.39

Adaptive rear target sight Fits most 10-meter 3-position rifles & all AirForce guns Large amount of vertical adjustment Integral 11mm mount Has 1/8 MOA click adjustment knobs & can be reset to zero Can be removed from its mounting base & clamped into a...

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AirForce Micro-Meter Tank, AFU1047

$358.99 $245.29

Micro-meter tank Fits all AirForce rifles Delivers up to 100 shots Shoots at a reduced velocity (600 fps) Includes metal buttplate Ideal for low to mid-level velocities Perfect for indoor shooting! Delivers consistent shots that are naturally quieter due...

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AirForce protective steel valve cap, AFU1046

$55.99 $38.49

Protect your airgun from the dust/dirt build up in the air flow valve! The new Bomb-Proof valve protector from AirForce Airguns protects the air valve on the tank from dirt or damage. Especially useful when transporting the rifle broken down for...

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