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Shooting, Firearms & Ammunition

Shooting, Firearms & Ammunition

AirForce Talon PCP Rifle, AFU20047

$992.99 $677.19

Power! Up to 1100 fps (in .177). Accuracy! 1" at 50 yards. NO recoil! Built in the USA, the Talon pre-charged pneumatic AirForce PCP air rifle is for serious shooting. Field target, hunting, punching paper targets, shooting spinners and plinking are...

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ASG 30mm Strike Red Dot Sight, Weaver, ASG-11096

$57.99 $39.69

Classic styled dot sight with a lens diameter of 30mm. It features 11 intensitivity settings and the illuminated dot has both windage and elevation adjustment. The front facing lens is Anti-glare reflective coated. The integrated 21 mm mount allows you...

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ASG Custom CNC Rail Mount, Silver, ASG-18195

$87.99 $60.19

Custom silver CNC rail mount Fits Dan Wesson 715 revolver Elegant, silver rail shroud for the Dan Wesson 715 revolver series. Made from extruded aluminum for minimum weight and then CNC machined; this rail attachment fits perfectly on the barrel and...

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ASG CZ 75D CO2 Compact Airsoft Pistol, ASG-50064

$93.99 $70.29

This is the non-blowback vesion of the Co2 powered semi-automatic CZ 75D Compact. Being a non-blowback means more power left for propelling the BB?s giving this pistol its extremely high power ? 125 m/s (410 fps) with 0.2g BBs. The pistol comes with a...

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ASG Steyr M9-A1 BB Mag, 19rds, ASG-16089

$23.99 $16.89

ASG Steyr M9-A1 mag Holds 19rds 1 per pack So much easier to load up your air gun mags ahead of time and continue to shoot til the CO2 cartridge is used up! That way, you're not interrupting your fun by stopping to reload. Buy several of these extra...

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