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Black Powder Accessories

Black Powder Accessories

Connecticut Valley Arms powerbelt AC1555AT PLATINUM BU

In-Store Price: $29.99
$35.59 incl. shipping

Redesigned plating bullet shape & gas check. Plating - uses proprietary process producing harder exterior surface for reduced resistance faster more consistent velocities improving trajectory & accuracy. Aggressive bullet taper design - provides more...

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Knight Muzzleloaders BLOODLINE 50CAL 300GR M900544

In-Store Price: $40.99
$52.99 $43.99 incl. shipping

Bloodline 50 Cal 300 Grain Muzzleloader Bullets step beyond tradition. Utilizing forefront ballistic technology, Lehigh Defense has developed the next generation is expansion bullets- exclusively for Knight Rifles.20 Pack Box, .50 Cal, 300 Grain,...

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Thompson Center Palm Saver T-Handle Bio-Flex Red 9611

In-Store Price: $9.99
$17.99 $13.10 incl. shipping

This polymer T-Handle slips over any Thompson Center ramrod, providing comfortable leverage when loading blackpowder rifles. The ergonomic handle also stores 4 #209 primers; 2 immediately ready for priming and 2 in reserve.Specifications and...

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Thompson Center Pro Hunter Speed Breech, 31007523

In-Store Price: $59.99
$59.99 $36.03 incl. shipping

Quick release breech plug that can be removed by rotating it only 90 degrees. No longer do you have to struggle with seized breech plugs or the time-consuming chore of making eleven rotations to remove your breech plug. Three gas compression rings on the...

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