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CVA Hunter Single Shot Rifle 45/70 Govt CR5712

$328.99 $261.99

When you are ready for the unique challenge of single-shot big game hunting, the CVA Hunter is the perfect choice. This break action rifle is extremely accurate and handles exceptionally well. The CVA Hunter comes equipped with a CVA DEAD-ON scope mount,...

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CVA Scout V2 45-70 Govt Black Syn-Stock, CR4806S

$468.99 $395.99

If you are ready for the unique challenge of single-shot hunting, the CVA Scout V2 makes a great, affordable rifle choice. Lightweight, sleek and easy to operate, it sports a fluted and threaded 416 stainless steel barrel, ambidextrous synthetic and a...

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CVA Scout V2 Standard Model .44 Rem CR4432S

$483.99 $406.99

Lightweight, sleek, and very easy to operate, the Scout V2 sets a new standard for affordable single-shot rifles. Similar in design to the CVA APEX, but does not have interchangeable barrel capability, so it meets the needs of a hunter who only needs a...

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Winchester Model 1873 Sporter Octagon 45Colt


At first glance . . . the Model 70 Ultimate Shadow, with its flowing lines and integrated, rubberized, oval-dot gripping surfaces on the pistol grip and fore-end looks very different from other composite rifles. When you pick it up, you?ll know why. The...

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