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Reloading Hardware and Tools

Reloading Hardware and Tools

Lyman Reloading Press Crusher Expert Kit 7810120

$529.99 $387.38

Lyman's popular Expert Kit has always been the one kit with a complete selection of top quality equipment - including the Universal Case Trimmer. Now the Deluxe Expert Kit is the first to offer a digital scale. This is a truly complete selection of the...

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Aimshot Boresight Laser 9mm Luger Brass, BS9MM

$54.99 $34.05

The most complete, accurate, easy and inexpensive way to accurately bore sight your weapon. By installing a laser diode into a (.223 Rem. for rifle and 9mm, 30 cal. for pistol) and utilizing an assortment of arbors (except 9mm-- no arbor required), it is...

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Frankford Dial Caliper, 516503


This Caliper allows you to measure inside and outside diameters, plus depths. You will find them useful for many measuring tasks on and off the reloading bench. Packaged in a convenient, protective case.Frankford Arsenal516503661120440642

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Hornady 050100 Powder Trickler

$39.99 $16.45

The Hornady Powder Trickler is ideal for getting your loads exactly the same every time, for increase accuracy. You can easily drop that last few tenths of a grain of powder into a dropped charge for the ultimate uniformity in your powder charges...

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Hornady Curved Lock-N-Load O.A.L.Gauge, C1550

$69.99 $43.02

To use this gauge, you will need to purchase a Modified Case to fit your firearm’s chamber and thread it onto the Gauge. For all autoloader, lever-action, or pump-action rifles. Also fits all bolt-action and single-shot firearms. Inserts into chamber...

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Hornady Dial Caliper 6" Stainless Steel, 50075

$50.20 $40.36

The Hornady Dial Caliper is perfect for a reloader looking for a tool to precisely measure case and bullet length, inside and outside diameters, primer pocket depth, overall cartridge length, and more. Comes packaged in a protective plastic case included...

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