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Powder Measures & Scales

Powder Measures & Scales

Hornady Balance Beam Scale, 050109

$77.15 $73.69

An essential tool for any well-stocked reloading bench. A measurement range from 0 to 500 grains with 0.1 grain sensitivity, will easily handle most reloading tasks. And a magnetic damper provides fast, accurate measurements. The balance bar is laser...

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Hornady Elect. Bench Scale 1500 Grain, 050108

$129.99 $110.69

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Bench scale is made from the same high quality, precision load cell found on the Lock-N-Load Auto Charge. This high performance Bench Scale is the perfect addition to your reloading bench. The Hornady Lock-N-Load bench scale has a...

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Lyman Number 55 Powder Measure, 7767783

$108.99 $84.75

Unique three slide adjustable cavity. Extra fine adjustments of width and depth. 2400 grain reservoir resists chemical action and protects your powder from harmful light rays. Attached knocker assures a complete charge every time. No funnel is required...

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RCBS Quick Change Powder Measure 98840

$119.99 $91.09

The RCBS Quick Change Powder Measure offers reloaders the ability to quickly go from light handgun to magnum rifle charges. The metering assemblies are easily changed with the pull of a pin and additional metering assemblies can be purchased and set to...

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RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure Small, 9002

$119.99 $87.59

The RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure throws consistently accurate charges reload after reload. Powder pours uniformly from measuring cylinder into the brass case, thereby eliminating the hazards of "overloads" caused by clogging when the charges are "dumped"...

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