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Daily Deal - Train Your Dog to Retrieve Shed Antlers

Posted by WB Reporters on Apr 8th 2019

Daily Deal - Train Your Dog to Retrieve Shed Antlers

Today's Daily Deal is the DogBone Shed Dog Training Antler Retrieving System designed by Jeremy Moore who appears frequently on North American Whitetail TV. Train your dog to assist you in finding shed antlers with this proven 3 step system.

Proven 3-Step System – These premier antler training tools will help your hunting dog learn how to track and retrieve after moving from shape and scent to real sheds.

Heavy-Duty Antler Dummy – Every deer dog training kit comes with a soft, durable training antler that’s stark white for easy identification and to train pups and adults for shape conditioning

Genuine Antler Scent – Further enhancing the process are our premium training scents that mimic the smell of real deer antler sheds; ideal for antler conditioning.

Step-by-Step Instructions – The included booklet provides adult and puppy training techniques that are easy to follow and implement for consistency and to set both dog and owner up for success.

Consistent Results – While no two dogs are alike in their training or learning capability, Dog Bone products help give you the edge every step of the way in building a solid foundation.

Yes, I want to train my dog!  MORE INFO



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