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Tennessee Spring/Summer Squirrel Season Currently Open Bag Limit 10

Posted by WB Reporters on May 14th 2019

Tennessee Spring/Summer Squirrel Season Currently Open Bag Limit 10


What, spring squirrel season? Living in Ohio where squirrel season has always traditionally started in either August or September I have to admit I was very shocked when reading Kentucky's hunting regulations and stumbled across a spring Squirrel season that runs from May 18th - June 21st with a daily bag limit of 6. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on seasons throughout the country but I have to admit I did not have clue on this one!

Finding the thought odd I decided to do a quick search to see if other states offered an early squirrel season and what I found is quite surprising! I am sure what I have listed below is not complete and if I overlooked your state I apologize.

Virginia June 1st -15th Daily Bag Limit 6 per day

Missouri May 25th - February 15th 2020 Daily Bag Limit 10 per day

Tennessee May 11th - June 9th Daily Bag Limit 10 CURRENTLY OPEN!

It is hard to get past the thought of ticks, snakes, mosquitoes and limited visibility due to the canopy however I am sure there are some passionate squirrel hunters out there and we would love if you shared pictures and stories!

MEPPS FISHING LURES currently pays .26 per squirrel tail and will double the price if traded for fishing lures. Click link for complete details.

So if you like squirrel hunting buy yourself some good insect repellent, snake boots and get in the woods!


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